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Daype Classifieds takes a novel approach to displaying and organizing classifieds. Our aim is to provide our users with a seamless searching, browsing and posting experience, covering all their interests and needs, including electronics, housing, cars, jobs and others.

Thanks to an innovative and fast caching system and a convenient layout, the website lets you easily scroll through hundreds and thousands of ads in any of the different categories.

Daype lets you search and browse the largest classifieds websites in the US and easily contact the posters of the ads.


The development of the Daype Classifieds was started in 2009 and is currently in Beta version. We are always looking for new ways to improve our user experience and implement additional features.

We also provide Classifieds News Blog. Our goal is to provide our readers with the latest news about the ever-developing Classifieds industry, along with pointing to the best analysis of relevant market trends and statistical data, as well as offering real down-to-earth tips about practical use of classifieds.

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Your feedback is very welcome. Please email us at feedback@daype.com.

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